Fashion Rennaisance Press Conference


On the holy grounds of Tomorrowland — Okret curated the Fashion Renaissance of Love Tomorrow on Thursday, July 27th 2023.

The Fashion Renaissance brings beauty together with responsibility — and style becomes a powerful catalyst for positive change.

New creative collab of re-mode by okret will be presented — we partnered with the fashion of Christian Wijnants and workwear of CWS BeLux — and created 2 upcycled looks.
Using only already existing models, patterns, material resources from deadstock and waste textiles — and by bringing the contrasts of partners together, we showcase endless possibilities of co-creation in circular fashion and transaparent business models.

The community of creaters of tomorrow who showcased their work :

HNST — NOOSA — SCIMM — WARDENBRUG — SAM sensory — miokoo - an invisible force for good — MUTANI — FEAS — Ngaire Takano
— Quifactum — Gabrielle S — COSH! — Nanex company — Innerchild — Valentine Tinchant — Okret — VITO

Love tomorrow — do better fashion today.