Dutch Design Week


This jacket is custom made for Miriam van der Lubbe creative leader of Dutch Design Week for the opening night of DDW, picture this 💚

It’s a unique recreation from my paco randomme collection.

Hand crafted using the leather already present in Miriam's studio, this piece is completely made by hand, cutting and assembling piece by piece, and linking every ring to shape a wearable work of art.

Through these collages, I envisioned today's world and offer a glimpse into what the future could hold in 100 years if we persist and make changes on our current path. I envisioned a utopian fantasy realm where we inhabit various planets, advanced technology reigns, robots and aliens coexist alongside humans, and new forms of flora and fauna have emerged to fill the void left by extinct species.

A big special thanks to my interns and friends in Antwerp who helped me 💚

And ofcourse a special thanks to New Order Of Fashion 💚

Photographs with Miriam and me by Lotte Dale